Elevating Homes and Securing Foundations in New Orleans

New Orleans, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and unique architecture, is a city that stands out in the American landscape. However, it’s also a city that has faced its fair share of challenges, particularly when it comes to the stability of its homes and buildings. The city’s low elevation, coupled with its proximity to water, makes it susceptible to flooding, subsidence, and other foundation-related issues. Enter Academy House Leveling, a beacon of hope for homeowners in the region. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the invaluable services they offer and why they’re essential for the New Orleans area.

Understanding the Need: New Orleans’ Unique Landscape

Before we dive into the specifics of Academy House Leveling’s offerings, it’s crucial to understand the unique challenges faced by homeowners in New Orleans. The city is built on a delta, with many areas below sea level. This makes it prone to:

  • Flooding: With the Mississippi River to its south and Lake Pontchartrain to its north, New Orleans is surrounded by water. Add to this the frequent storms and hurricanes, and the risk of flooding becomes a perennial concern.
  • Subsidence: As the organic soils beneath the city decompose and compact, the ground sinks. This phenomenon, known as subsidence, can lead to uneven foundations and structural damage.
  • Soil Instability: The city’s soil composition varies, with some areas having soft, silty soils that can shift over time, causing foundation problems.

Academy House Leveling to the Rescue

Recognizing these challenges, Academy House Leveling has positioned itself as a leading service provider in home elevation and foundation repair in the New Orleans area. Here’s how they’re making a difference:

  • Home Elevation: By raising homes above the base flood elevation, Academy House Leveling ensures that properties are less susceptible to flood damage. This not only protects the home but can also lead to reduced insurance premiums for homeowners.
  • Foundation Repair: Over time, the shifting soils and subsidence can cause foundations to crack, settle, or become uneven. Academy House Leveling uses state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to stabilize and repair these foundations, ensuring the longevity and safety of the home.

Educating Homeowners

Beyond their services, Academy House Leveling is also committed to educating homeowners about the importance of proper foundation care and maintenance. They offer:

  • Inspections: Regular foundation inspections can catch issues before they become significant problems. By identifying potential problems early, homeowners can save money and prevent more extensive damage.
  • Maintenance Tips: Simple practices, like ensuring proper drainage around the home and monitoring for signs of foundation stress, can go a long way in preserving a home’s structural integrity.


New Orleans, with its unique challenges, requires specialized solutions. Academy House Leveling, with its expertise in home elevation and foundation repair, is helping to ensure that the city’s homes remain safe, stable, and resilient against the forces of nature. For homeowners in the region, partnering with such experts is not just a wise investment but a step towards preserving the city’s architectural heritage for future generations.


4 Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing Furniture

An ideal piece of furniture will transform your home. Shopping for furniture nowadays is easy, but finding quality pieces that provide the best experience for your family takes work. Below is a list of 4 things you need to know before purchasing furniture.

1.      Durability

You should assess the durability of the pieces of furniture you want to buy, as non-durable furniture wastes your money. Thus, it would be best to differentiate between non-durable and durable furniture. It would help if you shopped from well-known companies such as Brunswick furniture store for high-quality furniture to improve your chances of acquiring sustainable furniture. Avoid purchasing your furniture from companies that deal with non-durable furniture.

2.      Comfort

When searching for furniture online, it’s crucial to contemplate the comfort aspect. Buying furniture that may look attractive but unlikable won’t make sense. Experts advise people to search for appropriately created furniture. Whether you’re searching for up-to-date models or upholstered varieties, your choice must make your home stun and welcoming without compromising on the recommended comfort.

3.      Cost

The money you wish to spend on the furniture must be within your set budget. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should search for the cheapest furniture since they’ll get damaged without providing you with many services. In most instances, you’ll realize that the materials used to make your preferred furniture directly influence their price. You should also note that furniture containing substandard materials tends to be the cheapest in the market.

4.      Features

Consider searching for features that suit your preferences and taste. When shopping for home furniture, ensure it suits you and your loved ones. This is regarding height, size, and compatibility.

Most people believe that choosing the right furniture is straightforward, while to others, it proves to be an ordeal. Choosing furniture becomes a nightmare if you don’t know what to search for when purchasing furniture. Your home is a substantial investment, and it makes sense to fill it with pieces of furniture that last a lifetime and fulfill its role.

Custom Fencing: A Cost-Effective Way to Protect Your Property

While standard cookie-cutter fences may be “good enough,” custom fencing ensures you get what you want. It can help your property stand out within the neighborhood and enhance its curbside appeal. Fencing is also an effective deterrent against burglaries and other crimes of opportunity because it makes it more difficult for criminals to enter your property.


The right fence can enhance the aesthetic of your home and improve your property’s curbside appeal. In addition, well-designed custom fencing Houston TX helps protect your property from illegal access and repel trespassers. Custom fencing is typically made from high-quality materials, making it more durable than pre-made options. If you choose a wood fence, treating it with a preserving sealant is important. It can help prevent rot, mold and mildew from developing. Staining your fence every few years is also a good idea. It will keep your fence looking beautiful and increase its longevity.

Many pre-made metal fences come with gate options, but they may need to match the overall style of your home. A custom fence can create a gate that complements the style of your home, creating a cohesive look. It can make your home more appealing to buyers and may even increase its resale value. A custom fence can also be made with unique designs that make your property stand out from the rest of your neighborhood.


A premium-quality fence can make it more difficult for criminals to enter a property. It can also deter children and pets from wandering the road where cars could hit them. A fence can help prevent unauthorized entry to inventory or equipment for businesses. Custom fencing can be designed to match the architectural style of a home. A standard pre-made fence may look drab or mismatched with the property’s topography. In contrast, a custom-designed fence is a perfect fit and complements the land.

The price to install a fence varies depending on the material picked out and the area that must be enclosed. Longer fences require more corner posts, which increases the price per foot. A homeowner should also consider obtaining the necessary permits before beginning work. Failure to do so may result in costly takedowns and reinstallation of the fence. In addition, homeowners should call 811 before digging to check for underground utility lines.


Depending on the style of your home, a custom fence can enhance its aesthetics. For example, if you live in a country or suburban setting, you can add a traditional wood fence or wrought iron to your property. These fencing options will improve your home’s curb appeal and increase its value. Standard, pre-made fences limit your design options. But when you work with a custom fencing professional, you can choose the shapes and accessories that match your home and meet your needs. A custom fence can also be made more functional and appealing by adding extras like a kickboard, which prevents rot and insects from damaging the bottom of the fence. Another aesthetic option is to plant a hedge around your fence, such as yew or spotted laurel. These trees are hardy and provide privacy from neighbors and intruders while enhancing your property’s visual appeal. You can maintain the condition of your fence by doing routine inspections and maintenance.


Steel is only one of the many materials that may be used to build a custom fence, which is made to last. It can also be designed to compliment the aesthetic of your home and reflect your flair. Depending on the material you select and labor costs, the fencing cost will change. Professional fence builders typically charge between $30 and $80 per hour to build a 150-linear-foot fence.

In addition, labor costs are higher in rural areas because workers may have to travel farther for supplies and equipment. Lastly, additional expenses can be incurred when digging fence-post holes. If the site is rocky or has existing concrete or tree roots in the ground, extra work and equipment will be required to get to the fence posts. Many cities and planned communities need a permit to set a certain height or design a fence. It can add to the project’s cost, as will a survey and the costs associated with locating and marking utility lines.