3 Costly Winter Repairs… and How To Avoid Them

Winter is here and with it new weather-related problems. This year, get ahead of the issues by planning ahead and ensuring you have the right tools at hand to save you time and money. Follow this guide for three costly winter-related problems and how to avoid them. 

Electricity Issues 

Losing power due to winter weather is not new news. However, it doesn’t have to be a big problem with the right generator installed. Depending on your area, power outages can go on for days, and this can lead to the risk of frozen pipes and other household damage. These outages are why it is important that you do your research in advance to get your house set up with a generator, so when the lights do go out, they won’t stay out.   

Snow Buildup  

Every winter, the snow comes, and it stays. While it seems harmless at first, snow buildup on your roof can build up to costly damages. As the snow grows, this weight can spell trouble for your roof. This is why you want to install a roof monitor and get a proper roof shovel to help take care of the snow quickly. Without the proper system in place, you are at risk of a cave-in from the weight, costing you thousands. 

Frozen Pipes

You may not worry about frozen pipes, but you should. Whether you have insulation problems or you don’t have the thermostat at the right temperature, pipes freezing can be expensive and time-consuming repairs. Thankfully, with some prep work and awareness, you can avoid frozen pipes this year. Start by looking in vulnerable spaces, such as your attic. Then look for signs such as frost on the pipe as this could indicate a problem. By being vigilant, you can catch the freeze before it is too late. 

Stay safe this winter and don’t forget to be alert.