3 Effective Curb Appeal Updates To Try This Winter

Feeling stuck at home this winter? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t spend the cold months of winter doing something productive, and the best thing you can do is make improvements on your home. Here are three effective curb appeal updates to spruce up your home’s exterior this winter.

1. Clean Exterior Walls

When winter rolls around and the leaves are off the trees and bushes, it makes the condition of your property even more important. It’s easier to see built-up dirt and grime on your exterior walls, especially if you have siding. Consult the experts in vinyl siding cleaning Richmond VA to bring out the true colors of your house and instantly make it more attractive.

2. Update the Front Door

You can easily turn your main entry door into an attractive focal point this winter by giving it a quick cosmetic update. You don’t need to completely replace the door to do this – a simple coat of paint and some new hardware make quite a difference. It’s always important to select a color that doesn’t clash with the overall color scheme of your house. For a finishing touch, swap out your current door hardware with contemporary options. Brushed brass or hammered iron are contemporary options that give any door a more polished look.

3. Add Outdoor Lighting

Give your property a cozy glow this winter by installing some new outdoor lighting. Traditional spotlights in the yard, as well as lanterns along paths and walkways, look great when fitted with LED bulbs. If you’re looking to create warmth, use 2700K LED bulbs which emit a yellow or orange glow that highlights your property’s architectural and landscaping features.

Updating your home’s exterior is a productive way to spend the winter months. Follow the tips above to create curb appeal that lasts throughout the year.