3 Great Backyard Upgrades That Will Get Your Kids Active

Looking to get your kids off the couch and out in the yard? Maybe your kids need a little extra push to head to the backyard to burn off some energy. Here are three exciting features that you should add to your backyard to encourage active play among your kids.

1. Install a Swimming Pool

When it comes to entertaining the entire family, there’s nothing quite like having an in-ground swimming pool. To foster activity, incorporate elements like a diving board, waterslide and a pool basketball hoop into the overall design. You’ll also need to install an attractive pool deck to complete the project. A professional deck contractor Pikesville MD will install a quality wood pool deck that will stand up to the elements and lend a natural look to your pool area.

2. Add a Play Area

A play area can take many forms depending upon the age and activity level of your children. Younger children will love a customized playground. Include all the classic features like a swing set and a slide, as well as new favorites like a mini rock-climbing wall. For older kids, create a backyard obstacle course. Put safety first by spreading a layer of rubber tire pieces around the area to cushion falls.

3. Improve the Lawn

It may sound obvious, but improving the lawn in your backyard will give your kids that lush, green carpet that’s perfect for plenty of outdoor activities. You’ll need to sow seeds in patchy areas, water correctly and perform aeration at least once every year. If all else fails, replace the natural turf with artificial grass. This will give you a low-maintenance surface that will last for years to come.

No kid should spend life staring at a screen. By following these tips and adding these great features to your backyard, you’ll inspire your kids to head outdoors and enjoy some sun, fun and movement.