3 Great Tips for Creating a Backyard Just for Kids

Wondering how you can improve your home for your kids? Start by heading to the backyard and giving it some exciting upgrades. Here are three great tips that will guide you as you create a backyard that’s a special place for your kids.

1. Improve Your Lawn

What is the best surface for outdoor fun and play? Healthy, green grass, of course! Keeping your lawn lush and green gives your kids that outdoor carpet that’s perfect for backyard fun and games. If you have patchy areas of grass, sow new grass seed or apply a layer of sod to this spot and target it heavily as you’re watering. It’s best to install professional irrigation St Louis so that you can ensure all areas of lawn receive a proper amount of hydration.

2. Build a Playground

Make your backyard a magical place for your kids by building a custom playground with plenty of fun features. You can purchase a playground kit that includes some of the basics like a slide and swing set. Once you have the basic structure in place, add more features like a tire swing and mini rock-climbing wall to give your kids a little extra challenge. Keep safety in mind and cover the surrounding area with soft fill such as play sand or rubber mulch.

3. Add Water

No kid can resist spending time in the outdoors when there’s water involved. If you have room in your budget and you live in a warm climate, install an in-ground pool with all the custom options like a diving board and pool basketball hoop. For a quick and low-budget option, use plastic sheeting, a hose and baby shampoo to create a simple backyard water slide.

Outdoor activity is essential for the overall health and well-being of children. Follow this list of backyard upgrades and you’ll encourage your kids to put down the screens and head outdoors for healthy activity and play.