3 Signs Your Septic System May Need Repair

When your home’s septic system malfunctions, the cost could climb into the thousands of dollars, especially if you delay repairs. However, not all septic issues are immediately apparent, so knowing which signs to look for, both on and off your property, could help you rectify the problem before it gets too serious. 

1. Slow Drainage 

If your home’s sinks, tubs and showers are not draining as fast as they used to, you may think clogged drains are to blame and your home needs plumbing maintenance. While this might be part of the problem, a failing septic system may also be to blame. When a septic system cannot accept wastewater, it may drain elsewhere or cause it to back up into your home’s pipes. If the slow drainage grows worse over time, you may want to have your septic tank inspected. 

2. Excess Yard Moisture 

Your septic system may need attention if you notice the areas around it are prone to standing water or spongy, moist ground. This could be a sign that your system is full and cannot take on any more waste. If you live in New York’s Westchester County and notice sections of your yard do not dry after a spring thaw, then you might want to consider a septic tank excavation Cortlandt Manor NY to discover the cause of the issue. 

3. Unusual Drain Sounds 

If your plumbing starts to make odd gurgling or bubbling noises, this could mean a problem with your septic system. These noises may mean a waste backup in your pipes due to a full septic tank or slow or poor drainage because the waste has nowhere to drain to. These sounds may grow louder as time goes on, but it is wise to have your septic tank inspected as soon as you notice these unusual noises. 

The cost of repairing a septic system can spiral out of control if the problem is not corrected quickly. Learning the signs of a failing septic tank may help you prevent high costs and protect your property as well.