3 Steps Worth Considering for Your Factory Relocation

Relocating a manufacturing operation is a decision that companies do not make lightly. While necessary, it can be among the most challenging projects you ever take on. Considering three basic steps will help you get your move off to a get start and help ensure production doesn’t suffer in the process.

1. Develop a Plan

As soon as the decision is made to relocate, start working on the plan, even if the move is several years away. Essential elements will include developing a detailed checklist and establishing a team to execute the relocation. The second aspect will include both employees and external partners, including a crating facility Los Angeles to safely and securely store you equipment. The strategy should also include timelines and good communication with suppliers.

2. Include Detailed Directions and Documentation

This often starts with developing drawings of the current plant layout and the new one, with specific directions for the setup in the new facility. This is the perfect time to consider upgrades to the layout of the shop and storage areas. Detailed instructions for every aspect of the move should be included. Explanations for each step of the process, from securely disconnecting to reconnecting and restarting the machines, must be incorporated in the directions.

3. Coordinate With Third Parties

Clear coordination with external partners will be key to a successful move. Although some problems with in the supply chain are inevitable, good communication will minimize these. Determining how you will run the manufacturing process while you relocate will help you coordinate with outside partners involved in making sure the production keeps going. Detailed planning with the warehouse company and any other firm that may temporarily help in the production process will be essential.

Moving a manufacturing facility from one location to another will come with excitement and anxiety. Minimizing any disruption in the day-to-day operations can be accomplished by following these steps.