3 Ways To Use Cubes in Your Garden Design

When thinking about garden design, you will want to incorporate one or more areas for outdoor living activities. These might include dining, entertaining, playing games with children, areas for pets to roam and quiet seating places to contemplate the beautiful garden views you have worked so hard to create. To improve the functionality of your garden rooms, consider adding cubes to your design. Cubes can come in useful as part of your garden design, whether incorporated into a tiny corner pocket in the backyard or an ample patio area. You will find that cubes can work in the garden in three different ways.

1. Planters

Cubes made from durable materials such as bison ipe cubes and others perform well as planters. The cubes, filled with beautiful annuals, perennials, small shrubs and dwarf trees, can find homes in the perfect locations in your garden. For instance, if you have a spot where the soil remains unworkable for growing, you can level the ground and place a cube planter on top of the area to bring a bright spot of color to what would have otherwise remained bare ground. In addition, cubes placed at doorway entrances also help draw the eye to the area and frame the door florally.

2. Seating

When turned upside down, cubes also make excellent garden furniture seating options. They can quickly move to any area where you require an extra place to sit. Furthermore, this feature can come in handy when you entertain and need to increase your outdoor seating areas as much as possible.

3. Storage 

In addition to planters and seating, cubes work admirably as storage containers. They can hold chair cushions and pillows used around a patio, for example, when you do not need the items. However, cubes also work to corral garden tools like hoses and hand implements utilized for garden maintenance.

Garden cubes function well as elements incorporated into an overall garden design. Moreover, they come in various woods and colors and can combine several uses into one handy product.