4 Building Facade Upgrades to Boost Business

Whether you’re running a shop or renting out apartments, the building you’re conducting your business in is akin to a calling card. Depending on the state it’s in, it can either attract or repel potential clients. Sure, it’s up to code, but what else can you do to instill confidence and make yourself stand out?

Upgrade Aesthetics

Upgrading a paint job to reflect modern sensibilities or your business’s branding is a good way to draw positive attention. If you have a building with a brick facade, sandblasting away decades of grime and graffiti may be the only “face lift” your business needs to look new again. However, if energy efficiency and insulation are concerns, you may way to look into cladding to increase comfort and lower energy bills. This can cover either the entire face of a building or just problem areas such as around windows.

Upgrade Entrances

Older or broken doors may be heavy and cumbersome. Such difficulties can seem foreboding to clients and start their visit off on the wrong foot. By upgrading to new Dawson doors New York, you ensure everyone feels welcome from the moment they enter your establishment.

Upgrade Windows

You shouldn’t put off an upgrade until there are problems like cracks and breaking. Newer windows have superior insulation technology, and switching to newer fixtures may greatly reduce your energy bill. Energy-efficient windows do a better job of keeping cool air where you want it, whether that’s inside in the summer or outside in the winter.

Upgrade Railings

If you have a ramp to help clients with mobility issues, be sure your railings aren’t just for show and can withstand use. Just being sturdy isn’t good enough. They should be clean and smooth, not leaving dirt or rust on your clients’ hands, or catching their palms with splinters.

When you take pride in your building’s appearance, people will have a positive opinion of your business before and after they’ve set foot inside.