4 Pond Installation Considerations

Installing a pond in the yard can transform the landscape into something very special. While they are beautiful to look at, there is also maintenance involved. The placement, depth, cost and fish should all be considered.

1. Location

The location of the pond will dictate many of the other factors. A large pond in a small yard can work, but it may look disproportionate to the other features. Have a professional come out and mark any underground pipes or wires, as those should remain undisturbed during the digging process. Choose a spot and then decide how big a pond can be based on the location.

2. Depth

Ponds can be all sorts of shapes, sizes and depths. All of those factors play into what equipment will be needed to install and maintain it. A small pond could be dug out with just a shovel, but a large one may require more work. Any aeration systems will need to be able to handle the amount of water without overworking themselves and breaking down.

3. Budget

It is a good idea to sit down and figure out exactly how much money can be set aside for use on the pond. The water levels and quality will need to be maintained, and filters and aerations systems run using electricity.

4. Fish

Many people get a pond because they want to have fish living outside in it. They are beautiful and come in many patterns and colors. Fish require certain temperatures to live in. If the pond is shallow and the winter is cold, they may need to be brought inside for a few months until the weather breaks. It is a good idea to be prepared for that before making a purchase.

Ponds can be an enjoyable feature of the yard for years as long as they are properly maintained. Research beforehand to make sure it is exactly what is desired.