4 Signs You Have a Mouse Problem

At one time or another, everyone has had a mouse in the house. Many times you catch it and that’s the end of the story, but more often than not, the problem is worse than just one curious mouse. If your rodent problem isn’t letting up, here are four signs of an infestation.

1. Daily Droppings

Usually, the first evidence of mice is the telltale droppings they all leave behind. However, if you’ve caught several mice and the droppings continue, you’ve got a more serious problem. A mouse infestation requires help from Staten Island pest control to eliminate the problem for good.

2. Noises in the Walls

Nothing is more disturbing than waking up at night to scratching in the walls. This hair-raising experience is proof that you’ve got mice. Although you might see a mouse during the day, they’re more active during the night as you can tell by the scurrying sounds in your attic or basement.

3. Chewed or Shredded Paper

Mice will devour any food or crumbs around your house, but they also eat paper, cardboard and even tin foil. If you find a pile of finely shredded paper in a cupboard or drawer, it’s safe to say you have mice. They’ll also chew on electric wiring, plastic containers and pet food bags.

4. Weird Pet Behavior

If you have cats, you might think they’ll quickly hunt down mice, but often pets just start acting weird. Both dogs and cats can see, smell and hear mice around the house and in the walls. If your pet is lurking around a certain area or trying to get behind the stove, you can bet mice are to blame.

While one mouse is easy to catch, an infestation is another story. If you find daily droppings and your pets are acting suspicious, call pest control as soon as possible.