4 Things To Consider When Building a Backyard Pool

Splashing in the pool is a nice respite from the intense heat of the sun, and simply a nice way to unwind from the tension of the day. Just imagine grabbing hold of your float, slapping on some sunglasses and cherishing the moment. This experience could be even better when you can do that in your own backyard–anytime you desire. The investment takes some planning, so here are four things to consider during this endeavor.

1. Design

First and foremost, what are your goals with this space? Are you interested in getting exercise? Do you want an aesthetic creation? You’ll need to consider your overall social and physical requirements to select the shape that best suits your needs. Consider waterfalls, deeper ends and spas. They are all possible enhancements.

2. Decking

You’ll have some form of deck around the pool. Concrete and pavers are two viable and popular selections. Concrete is simple and can be maintained with pressure washing. Pavers add more color and style. If you go this route, protect them applying something like sealcoating Pittsburgh PA.

3. Screening

A screen adds a bit of privacy and could help keep out bugs, limbs and leaves; however, it does obstruct the view. So, consider what is most important: bright sunlight and a breeze or a bit of seclusion. In addition, some communities may mandate screening when the land isn’t fenced in. That means you’ll have to choose one of those two options.

4. Furniture

Traipsing through the house dripping wet to grab a drink or have a chance to sit isn’t the best option. Plan out how you see yourself on deck. Where will you eat, sit and relax? Then, purchase pieces that fit those decisions. A large table with chairs adds a space for water, munchies and conversation. Lounge chairs can be used for casual seating.

A pool is just a little bit of paradise right on your own property. Just make sure you think it through and remember the little touches.