4 Unusual and Unique Roof Types

Among common roofs found on homes, there are also particular types that don’t receive equal attention. You may have glanced at them in passing, but you don’t know them by name. However, details regarding their design can help you understand their intriguing form.


A saltbox roof is short and long with asymmetrical planes. While its shorter side is low, its longer side is steep with a complex appearance. The roof type is popular in New England (and also a historical element associated with single-family shacks in southern states in the U.S.) but can be installed by roofing contractors in Daytona Beach FL if requested. Additionally, the design is favored among individuals who want an old-fashioned home exterior.


A mansard roof is a four-sided gambrel-style hip roof with two slopes on each side. The bottom slope is steeper and complex regarding its design.


A hipped roof is one of the most popular roof types on residential properties. While it has upward slopes on all sides, it lacks vertical ends. The hip is the outside angle to the neighboring sloping surface. On the other hand, the degree of the angle is known as a bevel.


A jerkinhead roof is similar to the gable style. However, in contrast, two of the roof’s four sides are bigger than the opposite sides, which are smaller. Furthermore, the gable peaks are also cut to mimic the hip roof design.

Jerkinheads are also known as ‘Dutch hip’ or ‘Half-hip’ roofs. They’re most popular in Germany, Denmark, Slovenia, and Austria and are usually found in cottages. Due to the church-inspired architectural design of the roof type, the roof type is revered among many individuals.

Not only is a roof a vital element to the structure of a house, but it’s also significant to the construction process. Depending on the type of your choice, you can add a modern or classic style to the exterior of your home.