5 Things Made of Cedar You Should Own

If you’ve ever used cedar closet deodorizers or shavings for a pet cage, you’re already familiar with its fresh and lovely scent. On a larger scale, cedar is used to make some beautiful items that smell even more delicious. If you’re intrigued on how to get more of that lovely aroma into your life, here are five things made of cedar you should definitely own.

Storage Chest

Many people have had a cedar chest in the family for decades. These chests are exquisitely crafted and retain their fragrance for years. They’re great for storing blankets, or any items you want to keep safe. The oil in cedar naturally repels pests, so you don’t have to worry about moths or anything else getting inside.

Screen Door

Nothing brings back great summertime memories quite like the sound of a screen door slam. When looking for the right door for your home, a cedar screen door not only adds nostalgia, but good looks, too. Your screen door will keep your home ventilated and secure. Plus, it’s immensely convenient to get in and out of your yard in a hurry.

Garden Planters

Cedar is extremely beneficial in garden areas due to its scent and pest-repelling qualities. It’s often ground up as mulch for this very reason, but a more attractive use would be a cedar planter. You can use it for flowers, vegetable plants or herbs and you’ll get that wonderful cedar smell every time you pass by.

Porch Furniture

Although cedar smells heavenly to humans, it isn’t appetizing to pests and that’s why it’s such a great choice for porch or deck furniture. Its pink color gives it a one-of-a-kind look and complements any decor. Best of all, your neighbors will be insanely jealous of your new furniture set!

Unique Fencing

Although less common than other types of fencing, cedar makes for a unique and attractive border for your yard. Since cedar lasts longer than many other types of wood, you won’t have to worry about replacing it like other materials. Cedar fences also resist insects, in particular termites, so your fence will be with you for many years.

Cedar Throughout the House

Cedar is one of the prettiest woods you can buy and its aroma makes it even more appealing. Utilize cedar inside and outside your home for furniture, fencing, screen doors and in the garden. Your property will smell great and will be naturally pest-free!