5 Things That Turn Away Retail Customers

Retail depends on customer satisfaction. Shoppers are looking for an experience when they enter a store, and if you want to get people to stay and come back, that experience is essential. Therefore, it’s critical to please people and avoid turning them away. Avoid the following turn-offs to help keep people happy.

1. Lots of Dirt

Shopping is meant to be fun and rewarding. It’s a day out to explore, enjoying the hunt for some new personal addition. Unkempt stores are not pleasant. Keep things clean and free of grime.

2. Excess Noise

Don’t overwhelm the senses. The noise should remain reasonable and comfortable. Pleasant music in the background, for instance, is often soothing. Construction noises or the squeaking of cartwheels distract shoppers, however. Try to keep projects to off-hours and invest in noise reducing casters for your carts.

3. Dark Lighting

Darkness isn’t inviting. Instead, it hides a great deal. Keep things bright, so it’s easy to see as people walk around.

4. Poor Return Policy

Nothing is more frustrating than getting something home to find out it just doesn’t work out and not returning it. Strict return policies could deter people from buying things they want because they just don’t want to deal with the hassle. Come up with a reasonable set of rules.

5. Unpleasant Care

Customer service is a hallmark of retail. Rude employees are unwelcome and could make shoppers feel uncomfortable. Say hello. Offer advice, and show manners. Encourage kindness and helpfulness. Smiles are great as well.

Little things matter. So as you set up your shop, focus on making your place enjoyable from top to bottom. Keep it clean, organized and safe. Design policies that are fair to the store and the buyer, and create clear rules for employees to follow, concentrating on pleasing your clients.