5 Things to Check When a Garage Door Does Not Open

Arriving home after a busy day or on the way out in the morning, a garage door that will not open can ruin your day. Getting that big, heavy overhead garage door to respond when the button is pressed becomes a top priority.

Checking “fix garage door” off the list should start with a few simple tasks most people can do themselves. However, because that big, heavy door operates with heavy-duty springs, precision rollers and guides, and electronic motors, many repairs require professional service by qualified technicians.

Here are five things to check to see if the fix is a do-it-yourself or if it is better handled by a repair service, including in the Austin area, Pflugerville garage door repair.

1.) Power Up

Sometimes, the most basic issue is the solution. Is there power in the garage? The opener motor may be on a different circuit so check the breaker box. Look at the cord from the motor; vibration in the frame may allow the plug to wiggle out of the socket.

2.) Locked Down or Disconnected

Most garage doors can be locked from the inside. Check the position of the lock handle and the throws that slide into the door guides. Up above, look at the disconnect safety handle on the drive trolley. If it is disconnected, roll the door up and tug the handle to reconnect it to the drive.

3.) Beam Blocked

Garage doors are equipped with an electronic photo sensor that will stop the door from moving if the light beam is blocked. Most photo eyes are located on either side of the roller guide tracks, a few inches above the floor. If something is blocking the light beam, move it. Otherwise, use a soft cloth to gently wipe dirt from the lens.

4.) Remote Reset

If the door works with the wall button but not with the remote, try resetting the remote. Check the reset steps in the owner’s manual or look online for that make and model.

5.) Worn Tracks and Snapped Springs

If the door still will not open, look for rollers that have slipped the guide tracks. Get a helper and try lifting the door to see if the rollers can be returned to the track. Otherwise, a repair service, such as Austin’s Greater Garage Doors should be called in.

The other critical mechanism is the torsion spring. Worn out or broken springs should only be serviced by a professional.