6 Items To Include in Your Ultimate Family Room

Weekends are a perfect time to gather with your family and friends. Looking to create a room perfect for social events? Here are six things you can add to your family room or large space.

1. Kitchenette

Having a fridge filled with cold drinks, a microwave for popcorn and even a small oven for freshly baked pizza will add to the function of your family room. If there is plenty of food, your crowd will stick around even longer.

2. Pool Table

A nice pool table is an investment that can last a lifetime. It’s smart to periodically replace the felt so the table functions like it should. Companies that specialize in pool table repair durham nc can keep your table looking new.

3. Comfortable Furnishings

Sometimes, you will gather just to visit. Choose furniture that invites people to stay for a while. A comfortable sofa and chairs can make all the difference in how long your guests will hang around.

4. Ping Pong Table

If you have enough room, a separate ping pong table is ideal. If not, get a ping pong table top that can rest on your pool table. All ages can enjoy a good ping pong tournament.

5. Large Screen TV

Television monitors are getting bigger each year, and the costs are becoming more affordable. Be sure to place your monitor where it can be viewed from different areas of the room. A wall mount that allows the TV to swivel can create flexibility.

6. Round Table

A round dining table can also serve well for games and puzzles. Add a removable felt table cover for those intense poker challenges. Take the felt off when it’s time for the children to eat that pizza or when you’re ready to start your new 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Take one step at a time and create the gathering place in your own family room. This is an investment that you and your guests can enjoy for years to come.