Advantages of a Shingle Roof

The benefits of using a shingle roof include affordability, flexibility, and fire resistance. In addition, you can change the look of your roof without affecting the rest of the top, which is a great benefit for homeowners looking to save money on their next roof installation.

Easy to install

If you have been thinking of building a shingle roof but are unsure how to go about it, you may want to consult with professionals like those at IKO Roofing. But if you are going to try and do it yourself, there are a few easy steps that you can follow. For starters, you should make sure you have the right shingles for your roof. So first, lay down a starter course, or strip, which is a row of three-tab shingles. This row should have a slight overhang over the drip edge and is used to fill in the gaps underneath the cutouts and joints of the next row of shingles. Finally, use adhesive to seal the tabs of the starter course.

You can also use felt paper to line your roof. Generally, you will find it in squares at a hardware store. First, measure the area of the top so you can find the right size of felt paper. You can ask a store employee for assistance if you aren’t sure. Then, install the shingles by laying them out in an alternating pattern. Then, make sure that the reveals are consistent throughout the entire roof.


A new roof with quality shingles like IKO Shingles can save a homeowner money on power bills. Modern asphalt composite shingles reflect more of the sun’s rays, keeping homes cooler than they otherwise would be. In addition, your roof will earn back some of its monthly cost on your power bill.

Shingle roofs are cheap and can be installed on a budget. The cost of 3-tab shingles can be as low as $150 per square foot. Wood boards and plywood can cost up to $400 per square foot. In addition, a shingle roof can last up to 15 years, making it an excellent choice for long-term value.

Another benefit of shingles is their wide range of color options. You can mix and match different colors to create a unique and vintage look for your home. These shingles are also the most affordable option on the market today. The shingle price will vary depending on the type of installation you choose and the labor cost in your area.


Fire-resistant shingles can provide the protection you need in a fire. These materials mimic the look of natural wood shakes, and tiles yet provide minimal heat transfer. They also self-extinguish during a fire, which makes them ideal for hot, dry climates. Additionally, they are UV-resistant, which increases their lifespan. In California, for example, fire-resistant shingle roofs are mandatory. Because the top is the most significant exposed component of the home, it must provide a certain level of protection from fire.

Different types of shingles have different fire resistance ratings. For example, some are Class A, while others are Class B. As a rule of thumb, Class A shingles have the highest fire resistance. Organic shingles tend to have Class C ratings by default, but you can raise them to Class B or Class A with the proper underlayment and treatment. However, even the lowest-rated shingles are still quite effective in preventing a fire from spreading.

Easy to repair

It can be simple to fix if your shingle roof has a damaged section. To start, lift a few shingles above the damaged portion that will expose the nails below. Under the tiles, the granular surface needs to be safeguarded at all costs. Next, you can use a pry to remove the damaged shingle. The next step is to replace the damaged shingle.

If the shingles are cracked, use a roofing sealant available at most home improvement stores. The sealant costs around $4 per ten-ounce tube and will help prevent the crack from ripping new shingles off your roof. After applying the sealant, wait 24 hours for the new shingles to dry.