All about Handcrafted Copper Chimney Pots

A Rockport handcrafted copper chimney pot is perfect for a contemporary mountain home. The design is available in several styles, including Roman, Provincial, and Windsor. The Windsor style looks similar to the Tudor design and is the perfect choice for European and Victorian homes.


The rockport Haubstadt IN chimney pots, are designed to fit a variety of architectural styles. These include Contemporary Mountain, Craftsman, Federal, and Georgian styles. They also complement stone chimneys and terra-cotta roofing.

These chimney pots are handcrafted by metal artisans and deliver style, comfort, and functionality. Their quality craftsmanship protects interiors from weather damage and pest infestation. They are available in various sizes and are shipped ready for installation. If you want to add an extra touch to your home, consider adding one of these pots.

Charleston copper chimney pot

A chimney pot is a decorative element that adds functionality to a chimney. It can keep debris out of the chimney while preserving its classic look. They come in a variety of sizes and construction materials. Among their many features are the vents at the pot’s base, which assist with the draft.

Copper chimney pots weigh a fraction of their clay counterparts and are easier to install. They are also stronger than clay pots and are made to resist high winds and earthquakes. In addition, because all seams are soldered, a copper chimney pot will not crack or warp over time. A copper chimney cap will also increase your draft without compromising safety. This particular pot is 20in x 20 in size, which is a great option if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing and functional chimney cap.


Metal artisans make handcrafted copper chimney pots to protect your home from decay and the weather while still providing the perfect look for your home. These chimney pots are available in various shapes and sizes and are shipped ready for installation.


A beautiful copper chimney pot can have a big impact on the style of your home. The Tuscan copper chimney pot will complement your style if you want to accent your existing stone or terra cotta roof. In addition to their beautiful appearance, they will also protect the interior of your home from weather and pests. They are also available in a variety of sizes and come ready to install.

The smallest chimney pot is the Pawn, which will fit a flue up to 13″x13″. The Bishop is similar to a standard clay pot but is lighter and will not decay over time. The 18″x18″ Bishop is the most popular. It is designed with an “X” grid pattern and a pyramid top. The Queen is slightly smaller than the King but otherwise similar to him.

Smallest pot in the range

The King copper chimney pot is the largest of the Rockport handcrafted copper chimney pots, while the smaller Queen pot is slightly smaller. Like the King, the Queen’s copper chimney pot is also octagonal. This enables it to keep downdrafts out of the chimney. It is also lightweight and comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes, making it a versatile option for small chimneys.

The Chimney Pots are available in different designs, including a Roman style, which was designed to fit a late Roman-style home. On the other hand, the Germanic and Provencial styles were created for French and Germanic homes. Finally, the Windsor pot is similar to the Tudor design and fits Victorian and European homes.