Alternative Cancer Treatments – Know Your Options

After cancer diagnosis, as a patient, you are willing to try anything that may help you, including complementary and alternative treatments. After trying complementary cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, and immunotherapy, you should consider other options as offered in Cancer Center Newport Beach with little to no positive effect on your body. But what are the alternative cancer treatments? What options do you have as a cancer patient?


With yoga, you engage in a lot of stretching exercises with deep breathing. You can position your body in different poses that require stretching, twisting, and bending. As a cancer patient, yoga provides you with stress relief as it reduces fatigue after complementary treatments and improves your sleep. Yoga becomes effective as an alternative treatment when you work with a reputable instructor and has experience with cancer patients.


With hypnosis, the therapist helps you relax by hypnotizing you with a gentle voice. Hypnosis is relevant to a cancer patient as it helps control the pain gone through, reduces stress, and helps you manage the side effects of complementary treatments such as chemotherapy. When you experience pain, stress, confusion, anticipatory nausea, and anxiety, consider hypnosis.

Music Therapy

Music therapy as an alternative cancer treatment is significant in controlling nausea and vomiting and relieves pain. In music therapy, you play instruments, sing songs, write lyrics, or listen to soothing music. An experienced music therapist will help you for the treatment to be effective.


With aromatherapy, your body is able to achieve a calming sensation. When oils scented with lavender are applied to your skin during bath or massage, the scent is released, which in turn helps you manage the side effects associated with complementary cancer treatment such as stress, anxiety, nausea, and vomiting. Aromatherapy is safe.

There are different kinds of treatment that you can consider as a cancer patient. While most of them are complementary, looking for alternative treatments can help manage the effects of the disease. Stated above are some of the effective alternative cancer treatments that you can consider.