Choosing The Right Insulation For Your Home

One cannot dispute the role of insulation in a home. You can enjoy enhanced comfort levels, reduced electricity bills, and improved indoor air quality when your home is well insulated. So how do you choose the proper insulation for your home? Here is a guide to help you.


When choosing insulation, ensure it is soundproof. Things like noisy traffic, barking dogs, loud neighbors, and other things can be a nuisance. If you like your silence, then choosing home insulation that will properly block the noise is essential. Of course, another alternative to consider is secondary glazing. When done by professionals, secondary glazing is excellent in soundproofing and insulation.


This is a measure of the resistance of indoor heat flow through the particular thickness of a material. If the R-value is high, then the thermal insulation is of good quality and vice versa. This is effective when it comes to cost, since a higher R-value means lower energy bills. Since various types of foams have a higher R-value than others, choose an affordable material that will give you value for a long time.


While most people assume that any type of insulation is suitable, this is simply not true. There are some insulation types that can more easily catch fire than others. You need to be in a home where you feel safe and protected, meaning you should choose a less flammable type of insulation. As recommended by Owens Corning Jacksonville Florida, some of the insulation types that are fireproof include fiberglass and mineral wool. Fiberglass is fire resistant, but be cautious about how the fabric pieces are used. Fibrous mats and cellulose are also excellent materials to consider.

Choosing the right insulation is essential if you want to enjoy comfort in your home. Next time you are thinking of insulating your home, talk to a technician about these three things and ensure you get value for your money.