Easy Ways to Update Your Outdoor Deck

There’s nothing better than enjoying some time in the sun on your outdoor deck. It can be a calming space for you to relax or an upbeat environment for entertaining friends. However you use your deck, you always want it to be fresh and inviting. After a few years and wear and tear, though, it might start looking run-down or in need of some minor repairs. If this sounds familiar, then read on to see a few ideas of how to revitalize your idea space with some easy deck renovations.

Restain the Wood

Some decks are made with IPE wood tile, which doesn’t need to be stained periodically, but decks made with wooden boards are likely to need some extra help every few years. Stripping and restaining your deck is an easy way to bring a whole new look to your backyard. You can go from brown to red or dark to light, whatever suits your fancy!

After you restain your wood, remember to always add a sealant and a U.V. coating to protect your hard work from the elements. These two additions to the job can help your stain last longer and better protect your wood from rotting.

Add a Rug

You might not automatically think of adding a rug to your outdoor oasis, but it can actually be a great addition. It adds texture and another layer of color to your deck, as well as providing a cool area for bare feet. When you put a rug outside, you want to make certain it’s made of material that can endure various weather. Cloth rugs may tend to mildew in moist environments, and brightly colored materials might fade in direct sunlight. Things like canvas or tough materials are often the best choice for an outdoor rug.

Put a Pop of Color

Decks can quickly start to look like an ordinary part of the yard if you don’t find ways to make them stand out as their space. Color is an easy way to do this. You can choose colorful plants and greenery to add in pots around the deck or get some vines growing on your railing. You could also use furniture as an opportunity to add some color, such as a painted (and sealed) table and chairs or lots of colorful throw pillows scattered around your seating.

Having an outdoor deck is an awesome commodity, so keep it up looking fresh and fun with these simple renovation ideas.