How Anti-Fatigue Matting Can Help

Standing on hard surfaces, such as concrete floors, can cause fatigue. Ergonomic matting reduces foot weariness for workers who must stand in one position for long periods. However, it may not solve the whole problem. Long hours of standing combine with other factors to cause tiredness, discomfort and sore feet.

Footwear, flooring materials and the nature of work combined with prolonged standing contribute to stress, fatigue and other issues related to health. Regardless of the quality of shoes and floor covering, however, standing itself causes tiredness after a full day of work. Anti-fatigue matting can help.

Fatigue-reducing mats are made of various materials including rubber, vinyl, carpeting and wood. The mats are designed to absorb the shock of standing and walking on hard surfaces. Their cushioning effect reduces tiredness and foot fatigue.

While many companies sell ergonomic matting, more employers discover the best anti-fatigue matting at Their fatigue-reducing mats are proven to improve the health of workers by stimulating blood circulation in the legs, preventing cramps and tiredness and reducing the risk of industrial accidents.

Ergonomic matting is used in car manufacturing plants, factory assembly lines, hospitals, food service organizations and workplace settings. The mats can be customized to almost any size or shape. Companies like Ergomat also custom-fit the installations so the matting fits in the work areas they are designed for.