How Home Tent Fumigation Works

WArm humid environments such as what we have in the Florida Keys can be conducive for insect pest infestations in your home. While in some cases you may be able to treat the problem by yourself, in other cases, a professional exterminator may be required. They utilize a variety of treatment techniques, depending upon the nature and extent of the infestation. One excellent and thorough method is tent fumigation. If you have a termite infestation in the Florida Keys, other techniques simply won’t work. If your infestation problem is getting out of control, contact tent fumigation specialists Florida keys.

Tent Fumigation: The Technique

Tent fumigation, also known as structural fumigation, treats the entire building in one fell swoop. Here’s how it works: Your property is completely enclosed by a  specially designed tent. Then, a controlled amount of gaseous fumigant is released into the tent. All spaces, nooks, cracks, and crannies are permeated by the agent. After a certain prescribed amount of time, the tent will be opened and vented. Once thoroughly aired out, your home will be pest-free. Even hard-to-eliminate pests such as termites will be eradicated. The gaseous agents that are used leave no residue after venting. There are no adverse post-treatment effects.

Prior to the actual fumigation, a trained technician will visit your residence. He or she will inspect attics, room corners, crawl spaces, and basement areas. In addition, careful attention will be paid to floors, window areas,  overhead timber, closets, and cabinet areas. Furthermore, they will evaluate the home’s immediate external surroundings. 

Pests Exterminated By the Tent Fumigation Technique

Chief among the species targeted by tent fumigation is the drywall termite, which can only be eliminated by tent fumigation in many cases. Other pests that will be eliminated by tent fumigation include: