How To Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Keeping the curb appeal of your home updated is vital in the selling process. If you let your landscaping get out of control and leave garbage all over your property, buyers likely won’t feel comfortable viewing the home. They’ll assume that the home is in just as bad of shape as the yard is. Here are some ways you can boost your home’s curb appeal and get more buyers interested in viewing it. 

Address the Roof

When your roof looks bad, your whole house looks bad. As many as 45% of buyers have said that they wouldn’t buy a home that has a bad roof. Your roof can be in great shape, but if you don’t remove blown-on debris and let moss grow on the roofing material, it won’t look like it’s in great shape. Keep your roof clean, so it always looks its best. 

If your roof is missing shingles, consider replacing them to increase the curb appeal. However, if the roof needs to be replaced, it’ll be best to replace it as soon as possible. You could see that you get roughly a 95% return on investment when you replace it before selling the home. 

Fix the Landscaping

Your landscaping is comprised of many different things, and when one part looks bad, it can drag the rest of it down, too. If you currently have a dirt path leading to your door, consider updating it to hardscaping Millburn NJ using pavers or stamped concrete. Additionally, adding other design elements like a small retaining wall or fountain can bring more interest to your curb appeal.

To keep your yard looking as good as possible, keep your grass trimmed and your weeds pulled. It also helps to use mulch or rock in flowerbeds to add personality and keep things looking neat. Additionally, consider adding flowers and bushes of differing sizes and heights to help add a nice touch of color and enhance the yard.