How to Maintain Your Commercial Building

The commercial building you own is one of the biggest investments in your business. Protect this asset by taking a few simple steps to maintain it. Here’s how.

Have the Structure Monitored

You can ensure the safety of your tenants and customers by having your building monitored. Professionals can tell you about any issues that need to be fixed before they become serious and costly problems. An automatic structural monitoring building sensor inspects your establishment 24 hours a day for continual peace of mind.

Check the Roof

A worn roof can lead to detrimental problems such as water stains and mold as well as termites. Inspect your roof on a regular basis to make sure none of the shingles are cracked or curled. Are any tiles broken? Is water standing on the roof? Make sure the gutters are clear of debris as well and install gutter guards. If you notice any problems with your roof, have them repaired right away.

Keep an Eye on the Fixtures

Darkened hallways can lead to trips and injuries, so make sure all of the light fixtures are working in your building. Also, make sure all of the locks work and the door handles aren’t broken. A building with blinking fluorescent lights or broken handles looks neglected and can harm your company’s image, so get them fixed as soon as possible.

Make Sure the Exterior Is Safe

You also want to make sure the perimeter of your building is safe for your customers and your employees, so make sure the parking lot is well-lit and that all the lights are working. If the paint on the exterior of your building is starting to peel, have it repainted, and be sure to tend the bushes and plants in front of your building to keep it looking attractive.

Remodel When Necessary

You don’t want your building to seem outdated or ratty-looking, so have it remodeled when necessary. Have the carpet replaced when needed and replace the flooring in the kitchen. Redo the bathrooms so they look attractive and inviting. The nicer your building looks, the more productive your workers will be and the more successful your business.

Weatherproof Your Building

Reduce the cost of your utilities by adding insulation to the attic. Add weatherstripping to the doors to keep out the drafty air. If your windows are letting in the cold even when they’re closed, replace them with energy-efficient windows.