Ideal Plants for Apartment Dwellers

For the longest time, people have been using plants to decorate their homes. Plants promote cool air, bring a nice feeling and a relaxing mood. People living in apartments can also grow plants in their space. Some plants survive with low temperatures, moderate light, and little water.
The essential factor to consider before buying an indoor plant is its size, and light needs. Whether you have rented a 1 bedroom luxury apartment Stuyvesant town, you are at liberty to beautify your spacious apartment while still enjoying your favorite games within the community.

Types of indoor plants for your apartment

Rubber Tree

The plant has hardy leaves and can withstand medium temperatures and little water. Wipe the leaves constantly to keep the plant healthy and clean.

Peace Lily

These plants are known for air purification, and they do well in bathrooms since they require high humidity. Put them near a window to get enough sunlight and water them weekly.

Devil’s Ivy

They thrive well in hanging pots and can climb and create a lovely look around the door space. They can withstand different temperatures and a small amount of water.

Bird’s Nest Fern

Many types of fern require high humidity to survive, and thus they don’t do well indoors. On the contrary, the bird’s nest fern can survive well in average humidity and low light conditions. The fern’s root system requires air circulations to grow well.

Maidenhair Fern

The plant can survive in low light conditions. They do well in dry or moist soil, so plant them in a pot or basket and leave it to grow and hang nicely in your living or dining space.

English Ivy

The plants have dark green leaves and can tolerate different temperatures. They also can withstand high and low light. You can keep it short or long according to your preference.