Impact of the London 2012 Olympics on the local environment

Since so many visitors come to take part in the Games every time they take place, it became obvious that the impact on the local environment in London could be considerable.

The London Olympics the greenest Olympics ever

It was stated by the commission set up to monitor the environmental impact of the Games that London 2012 has been the greenest Olympics ever in the history of the Games. While previous Olympics have been criticised for the environmental damage they caused through transport, waste, as well as construction, London performed better than any of its predecessors by ensuring that no permanent damage to the environment had been done. While the city did suffer from the increased number of waste produced during the event, it was nothing that the city officials as well as the many volunteers working on the project couldn’t handle. For example, the Olympic Park in fact benefited the local wildlife by regenerating a derelict area on which it was built.

While the commission said much more could have been done, all of the planning to minimize the environmental impact of the Games has paid off and the London had set high standards for future Olympic host cities to follow.