My Vacation in Sierra Blanca

Sierra Blanca is a relatively small region in Andalusia, Spain, but at the same time it has many things to offer to everybody. It is a cosmopolitan place to spend holidays or to retire, and everybody is guaranteed to enjoy himself while spending his time relaxing in one of the many luxury villas located there. If one of your favorite activities is sipping delicious cocktails while admiring the stunning mountain views that consist of the pale, exposed limestone rock that are so common in the area, then this place is definitely for you.

Sierra Blanca is also one of those destinations where peace and quiet can be found despite the buzzing and awe-inspiring sandy beaches that can be found just a few steps away.
It is easy to get to many attractive destinations from anywhere in Sierra Blanca. There are 24 different seafronts scattered over 27 km of the stunning coastline. The beaches such as Rio Verde or beaches at Neuva Andalucia are lively at any time of day or night, especially during summer. Pebbly beaches are also common in the area. One can bask in the sun or participate in one of the many activities available to those who enjoy staying fit. Over 40 golf courses are scattered all over Costa Del Sol giving everybody an opportunity to enjoy himself.

It comes as no surprise that those visiting Sierra Blanca are likely to spot a celebrity or even party with one of them. The area attracts a number of celebs from all countries who choose it as a place to spend their holidays, usually in a luxury villa with at least one swimming pool.

It would be difficult to talk about Sierra Blanca without mentioning the town of Marbella that lies in the proximity of said area. In spite of being a buzzing harbor with many luxury yachts and a rich nightlife, Marbella is actually a historic place with its charming old town. You can wander its streets for hours while admiring the many historic buildings that have been standing there for hundreds of years.