Nighttime Office-Worker Tips for Creating a Security Cocoon

Some jobs require individuals to work at night occasionally or temporarily. If you are one of those employees, you may love the relative calm of the nighttime office; on the other hand, you might find that solitary-feeling to be unsettling. In any case, you should be vigilant about your safety during these shifts. You can create a safe zone for yourself by taking these steps at night in the office. 

Internalize the Security System

Make sure you have been trained in building access and egress procedures. Responsible employers will have installed electronic access control systems Orlando to help keep track of the comings and goings in the office. These systems can have any combination of keypads, card-swipe consoles, electronic locks and alarms. Because they work not only to monitor traffic but also to effectively secure access to the building, you need to ensure you understand any updated code changes and alarm instructions.

Alert Your Friends and Family

Let the people close to you know where you are working and when. If any of them are awake, they can check in now and then, or at least before they drop off to sleep. Also, let them know that if they hear from you it will be only because you are concerned; they will then keep their ringers on.

Keep Your Guard in the Building

Streaming music while working can help you pass the time quickly. However, wearing headphones while blasting tunes will prevent your being aware of surrounding movements and noises. At night, you need to stay alert at all times, so turn your playback devices off until you get home.

Secure Your Space

You may have few options for putting up barriers, but if possible, lock your office. Make sure you can turn on as many lights as possible. Don’t make yourself a target: store all valuables.

Depart Strategically

When it is time to depart, take steps to prepare, especially if you are leaving while it is still dark outside. First, you should have parked in a well-area. Second, pull out your phone and car keys and carry them so that they are readily accessible. Third, leave only when you can be escorted out by security personnel or an office acquaintance.

Working in an office at night can be a productive time. However, you may not accomplish what you need to if you have to spend too much time worrying about your safety. By planning how you will take care of your safety and by being vigilant, you can create a comfortable and secure nighttime work experience.