Plumbing Choices in Your New Home

They say that the kitchen and master bathroom can be your favorite rooms in your new home. With the right plumbing and fixtures, that is very true. Here are some guidelines for making good plumbing choices.

Choose Your House Plan

Start with your kitchen layout and make sure you have enough space next to your sink and appliances. Determine the number of bathrooms you want, and if you can fit your laundry room on the main floor — that will save you so many steps!


It is fun to watch all the progress whenever you visit your construction site. Once the footings and foundation are in place, the walls will quickly start to rise. Even before framing is complete, your contractor will schedule the rough in plumbing and electrical. Once these are in place, take detailed photos of where your pipes and wires are. You will be happy to have these images to reference if you ever need them down the road. Next, the sheetrock will be installed and you will no longer see through the walls into the next room. This is the step when your house really starts to seem real.

Select Fixtures

During the weeks the walls are being framed is a perfect time to choose fixtures. Your plumbing contractor will guide you to the catalogs or online site to find all the selections. Many new homeowners choose to have one finish throughout their home for their fixtures. So if they choose satin nickel in the kitchen, they keep that in the bathrooms. Others choose to have a variety of finishes and styles. They might have antique bronze in the main floor bathrooms and use satin nickel for the basement or second story baths. If you have a farm-house sink in your new kitchen, then you will choose a faucet that will match that style.

Fixture Installation

After the walls are painted, everything will happen so fast. Flooring will be installed, cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms, electrical will be completed with outlet covers and lighting fixtures. Your sinks, tubs and faucets will be installed. Your tile or tub surrounds will be completed. You will be surprised how quickly everything comes together. The biggest choices at this stage are accepting each installation or requesting some changes. Perhaps a different faucet was installed than what you ordered. Now is the time to speak up!

As you plan your new home, it may seem like a dream. Take the time to make educated choices and you will enjoy your home for years to come.