Rust Busters


What we call “rust” has an official name: iron oxide. Simply put, rust is what happens when it meets up with air and moisture. The process is called oxidization. However, oxidization is not limited to metal. It occurs within the human body as well.

Iron Rust

You would not have to search hard to find examples of rust if you went for a walk in your neighborhood. You might even find something in your own back yard. A coat of paint will protect an iron surface, but only for so long. As soon as pain begins to chip off, moisture and air can start oxidizing the metal.

It does not just cause metal to lose its shine and turn colors, it actually dissolves it. Over enough time, if you don’t seek out rust repair for garden furniture Willow Grove PA, it will collapse under you because it isn’t metal anymore, just a byproduct of metal’s corrosion.

Human “Rust”

Although humans don’t turn orange and crumbly, our bodies can also experience oxidization. Free radicals are molecules missing an electron and they are constantly searching for one to steal. Unless we are protected from free radicals by antioxidants, our cells can be robbed from and damaged. This is called oxidative stress and can cause many diseases. It also causes wrinkles if the damaged molecules are on the face.

Free radicals stop this from happening by donating the electrons themselves. Otherwise there would be an endless chain reaction in our cells because the molecules that are robbed of electrons will then try to get that electron from another cell.

For oxidative damage on furniture and other outside metal objects, call a restorer. To prevent oxidative damage in our bodies, eat plenty of foods containing antioxidants and use them on the skin as well.