Signs You Need Sprinkler System Repair

It doesn’t matter where you live, you can’t rely on Mother Nature to keep your lawn looking great. During the summer, you will eventually have to pull out the house or your grass will likely turn yellow. However, you can avoid all this manual labor by installing a sprinkler system.

Sprinkler systems are convenient and make keeping your lawn and garden healthy. However, some maintenance is required. Getting to know the signs you need irrigation system repair is essential to keeping your lawn healthy.

Uneven Watering

A clear sign you need to call for professional landscaping and irrigation services MA is if you notice pools of water in various parts of your lawn or driveways and sidewalks that are soaked. Look for dry patches of grass, too. These are indications a sprinkler head may need adjusting or that a valve isn’t functioning properly.

Pressure Loss

If there is a loss of pressure in a head or zone, and it isn’t spraying water as it should, it is an indication something in the system isn’t working properly. If there isn’t enough pressure, water won’t be delivered to your yard properly. Too much pressure will result in the premature wear of your system’s equipment. If the regulators and valves seem to be working properly, the issue could be with the irrigation pipes. These pipes may shift in the ground or be impacted by tree roots.

Sputtering or “Coughing” Heads

If your sprinkler heads start spraying off-target, it could be a response to pressure or valve issues. There could also be cracks in the pipes that have impacted how they perform.

Don’t wait to call for repairs for your irrigation system. The issue will only get worse as time passes. Calling the professionals right away can help ensure your system is restored to proper operation.