The Differences in Immigrant Status

There are stark differences between obtaining a green card and seeking a visa. The visa only affords you a temporary length of stay in the United States while the green card gives you entry into the country, allows you to live and work in the United States. It is wise to get this clarified by a green card Lawyer Los Angeles-located and helping people to get legal immigrant status.

What Are Non-Immigrant Visas?

Non-immigrant visas are a group of different types of visas that are issued to foreigners who wish to enter the United States, for a specific purpose, for a specified period of time, and who must return to their country once these things are fulfilled within the stay authorization time or earlier. An example is the tourist visa, the student visa, or the work visa. A non-immigrant visa generally does not lead to residency, but with some visas, there are special procedures to seek legal residence; this is the case of work visas for professionals.

What Are Immigrant Visas?

An immigrant visa is a document that is attached to the applicant’s passport and is issued by a consular officer of the United States abroad. This visa allows entry and stay in the United States and the possibility of applying for a green card or legal resident card. The card will arrive at the registered address once the payment has been made.

As a general rule, to apply for an immigrant visa, a foreigner must be petitioned by a family member of the United States citizen, legal permanent resident, or a future employer, and said petition must be approved. Thus, the first thing is to submit the corresponding application to the United States Immigration Service.

What is Permanent Residence?

Residency comes in the form of a green card. A person who has a green card is considered a resident and therefore is no longer an immigrant. The legal resident then does not have a time limit to leave the country. Although the cards expire, the person is really always a legal resident, unless they violate the terms and conditions or are found guilty of a serious crime before an immigration judge and loses their residency.

What Are The Rights and Responsibilities?

Non-immigrant visas, such as tourist visas, do not allow you to work in the United States unless you have a specific type of work visa. Permanent residents, that is, those who have a green card, can study, work and live without any restrictions. What they cannot do, among other things, is stay abroad for long periods, vote, or receive certain benefits that are available to US citizens.

Consult a Lawyer

It is always advisable to seek an expert lawyer in immigration matters, to receive the corresponding legal advice.