The Importance of Valve Exercisers

Valves are a crucial part of your water system. However, if not given proper maintenance or exercise, they can prove to be one of the worst issues in your lines. Fortunately, exercising them can be as simple as using a valve turner regularly. Read on to learn how to add maintenance to your schedule. 

Why Should I Exercise my Valves?

Unfortunately, the majority of valves in water systems are not operable. However, there are steps you can take to make sure that these valves work. For instance, you can institute a valve exercising program to make sure that they will operate when they are needed for a repair on that line, to shut off water to someone who has not paid, or cut off water to a broken line. If a valve does not work in one of these situations, the repair crew will need to go to a valve further back in the line, which wastes time and cuts of water to more than the necessary area. 

How Often Should They Be Exercised?

How often your valves should be exercised will depend on the amount of water that flows through them. For example, a hospital or restaurant will need to have regularly delivered water. They will also need to receive quick service if something goes wrong in the line. Therefore, you should exercise these valves frequently to make sure that these facilities are in optimum working condition. On the other hand, a single home’s line will not need to be checked as often. At a minimum, you should exercise a single home’s line every few years. 

By maintaining a regular valve exercise schedule, you can make sure that they will work when they are needed. You should make sure that you exercise valves that have a lot of water flowing through them frequently, while valves that are less busy will not need to be maintained as often.