Tips for Finding Window Grids That Match Your Home’s Architectural Style

The architectural style of your home should be a deciding factor for which grids you choose for your windows. Most manufacturers offer plenty of grid options to browse. Additionally, you will need to sort through your material choices to find one that matches your home. The only thing to remember is to check the design of your home. 

Victorian and Neo-Victorian

Victorian and Neo-Victorian-era homes have elaborate decorations inside and out. One of the more common window grids has diamonds on the top of the sash and a full panel at the bottom. Decorative stained glass is also standard for these houses. However, a double-hung sash with six or eight square panes in each sash is a good substitute if you can’t find these options. Keep in mind that you should match the fanlights to your main grids. 

Colonial and Cape Cod

These styles will have six square panes on each double-hung window panel. If you live in a fancier version of this home, you may also have a large picture window filled with a smaller decorative grid layout. 


Prairie homes generally use casement windows, so these are the perfect thing to tackle if you want to modernize your home and save electricity. Look for small grid squares in the corners, long ones on the sides, or anything else that offers decoration but leaves the center of the window plain for these types of homes. 

Arts and Crafts

Generally, these homes have double-hung windows with a single pane on the bottom and two side-by-side panes on the top. When choosing a grid for the top sash, remember that vertical muntins are good, but horizontal ones should not be present. That said, if you have transoms on your arts and crafts home, these can have decorative grids. 

These are some of the more common architectural styles and their matching grid patterns. By following this advice, you can choose the perfect grids for your home.