Tips for Improving Warehouse Safety

Actively minimize potential hazards and keep your warehouse safe using these helpful tips.

Cleanliness and Organization

Keep the floors of the warehouse clean and free from any trip hazards. Use bright signs and stickers to mark hazardous zones and clearly identify materials and equipment. Mark all emergency exits and train all employees on proper safety procedures. Hang signs in aisles and on pallets to help identify where products are to make it easier to pick items for packing. Store smaller items in labeled bins or stackable crates to keep them contained and organized.

Weight Limits

Always check the weight limits on shelves to ensure the materials stacked are evenly distributed and safe. Improper stacking and heavy boxes can cause items to fall and injure employees. Use an industrial scale to weigh items in their boxes or on pallets to accurately assess the weight. Shipments that are too heavy to lift should be transported with a forklift or hand cart to minimize damage and potential injury.

Heavy Machinery

Forklifts and heavy machinery should only be operated by a trained and licensed employee. Proper protocol and speed limits must be followed at all times. Install bollards to mark off perimeters and help drivers steer safely. Mark off hazardous zones with reflective tape and warning signs. Always require employees to wear reflective vests, helmets, goggles, and gloves for safety. Maximize safety by labeling all equipment and hanging up signs with simple reminders or rules to follow.

First Aid Kit

Keep a first aid kit accessible and stocked with all materials deemed necessary by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Your first aid kit should contain adhesive bandages, roller bandages, triangular bandages, tape, sterile pads, antiseptic, antibiotics, cold packs, hand sanitizer, medical-grade gloves, an ice pack, a splint, a tourniquet, wash for your skin or eyes, and scissors. You will need to be prepared for any emergency you may encounter in the warehouse including fractures, burns, bleeding, or crush injuries from heavy machinery.

Keeping your warehouse safe will not only create a healthier workplace environment but help your warehouse operate more smoothly.