Top Safety Concerns for Construction Site Supervisors

Managing a jobsite involves keeping track of a lot of moving pieces. You’ve got to be accountable for workers, materials, and meeting deadlines. In all of the bustle of a busy jobsite, it’s important to keep safety at the forefront of your priorities. Here are some fundamental safety procedures that you should make sure are happening on your projects.

Personal Protective Equipment

It’s imperative that workers wear personal protective equipment that minimizes the risk of injury. Helmets, gloves, and steel-toe boots can prevent injuries from construction accidents or significantly reduce the severity of injuries. OSHA provides helpful resources that address when you need to require PPE and when you must provide it to your workers.

Fire Prevention

You should be aware of any active fire hazards on a jobsite at all times. Certain types of materials as well as equipment create a considerable risk of fire. It’s generally advisable to have some extinguishers available onsite.

If you’re doing work in an occupied building, you may have to turn off the fire protection system to prevent setting it off with dust or debris. In that event, you may need to have one or more people responsible for a fire watch. For many types of projects, having a fire watch while systems are off or while certain work is being performed is a legal requirement. For help with fire protection for construction projects Boston MA, reach out to an experienced life and safety plan service provider that is experienced in addressing the unique fire risks on jobsites.

Safe Use of Tools

Project managers should make a point of ensuring that workers use tools safely. If they observe that somebody is doing something unsafely, they should offer one-on-one coaching about the proper use of a tool. It’s also extremely important that workers regularly inspect tools to verify that they are in safe working order.