Types of Commercial Garage Door Services

Commercial garage doors are essential to various industries and businesses, from loading docks to hospitality spaces. These doors allow for the passageway of vehicles and inventory, and they can also help with ventilation and energy efficiency.

They may open and close several times daily, requiring more powerful hardware, better openers, and more powerful springs than residential installations.

However, businesses with garage doors will need to do maintenance at some time. There are two possibilities in this situation: try to fix the garage door independently or contact a professional from a garage door installation company like Overhead Door Company of Puget Sound. The former option may seem more enticing initially, but employing a business garage door repair service has numerous advantages and varies from the garage door type. 

Overhead Doors

Overhead doors are an essential part of any business. They allow passage to people and vehicles, provide storage space for heavy equipment and other goods, provide security, and much more!

Commercial overhead doors come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. These doors are often used in garages, warehouses, and industrial settings.

Some of the most popular types of overhead doors include sectional and coiling models. These models are insulated and non-insulated and can be either motorized or manually operated.

They are also available in several different styles and colors. These are great for adding a modern look to your home or commercial building.

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are the most common type of commercial garage door. They’re available in various styles and materials to match any property.

Besides their attractive looks, sectional garage doors can help you save money on energy bills. They’re designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and feature rubber seals that keep wind drafts out.

Unlike single-panel doors, sectional doors can be installed in more areas, so they’re ideal for homes with narrow driveways and limited space. Additionally, these doors are less expensive to install and undergo commerical garage door repairs. They are also more durable and can last for years.

These doors can also be customized to fit your unique tastes and style. Choose a steel, wood, or wood composite model to complement your home’s aesthetic.

Roller Doors

Roller doors are popular for commercial garages as they offer excellent security and weather protection. They are also very easy to operate and are available in various sizes.

They are available in either steel or aluminum and come in manual or electric-operated options. They are an excellent value for money and have become one of the most popular types of garage doors in the last few years.

They are very neat, closed doors that fit almost all structural openings. They are also a good option for people looking to maximize their garage space as they do not require the space for internal tracks like sectional and up-and-over doors do.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are excellent for letting in light and fresh air. They are commonly used as patio doors but can also be used as interior doors for closets and pantries.

Sliding door systems include panels that slide along a bottom-mounted track or hanging rollers mounted from above. They save space and help open a room, making them popular in many residential designs.

They can be purchased in various styles, colors, and materials. Wood is one of the most common choices, but aluminum sliding doors can be a good choice too. They can help improve energy efficiency, and many models are available with screen doors to protect against bugs.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are an excellent choice for a variety of commercial projects. They offer superior insulation, durability, and security.

These steel doors are available in many styles, colors, and sizes. They can also be custom fabricated with a wide range of features to match the aesthetics of your business or home.

Most steel doors are made of a front and back layer of metal, with a polyurethane or foam core in between. These layers add fire, sound, and insulation qualities to the door without adding to its weight.

In addition, steel doors are an excellent choice for exterior spaces that need to be fire rated. They are more affordable than wood or fiberglass doors, and they can handle ratings for up to 3 hours.