What You Need To Include in Your Home Spa

The best way to relax at home is in your own custom spa. Be sure to include these items in your home spa.

Jacuzzi Tub

The spa experience cannot be complete without a large bath or tub for you to soak in. With custom home spas in CT you can install the perfect jacuzzi with powerful water jets to massage your muscles and help relieve tension. Draw your bath using a colorful bath bomb, scented bubbles, and Epson salts. Epson salts are absorbed through your skin to loosen stiff joints and relax your muscles. Add scented candles and play soothing music to enhance the ambiance of your spa. Lavender and chamomile are most noted in aromatherapy for their calming effects.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Set up an essential oil diffuser in your home spa as another form of aromatherapy. Essential oil diffusers make it easy to inhale the therapeutic effects of essential oils by breaking down different essential oils and dispersing them into the air. Some oils may be used to provide a sense of peace and calmness, while others can be used to stimulate better focus and increased levels of energy. Many diffusers also come with ambient lighting and sound features. Be sure to research which oils are safe to use in your diffuser. Some essential oils can be toxic to pets and infants.

Meditation Timer

Meditation is a popular mental health practice used to improve one’s quality of mind and foster a healthier relationship between the mind and body. Through meditation, you can improve your ability to manage stress and anxiety, better your concentration and focus, and come to terms with difficult experiences in life. Consider getting a meditation timer and following guided meditations to help your meditation practice develop. A meditation timer will help you stay focused through your meditation by using lights, vibrations, or sounds to guide your breathing and let you know when your time is up.

Improve the way you relax at home with a spa that includes everything you need to unwind.