What You Should Know About Installing a Water Filtration System in Your Home

Like many homeowners, you may think that your tap water is healthy and safe, but some tap water is contaminated with parasites, chemicals, lead and other impurities. Although some impurities make your water look and taste different, others do not. In addition, some of these contaminants are harmless, but others are not. Therefore, you may consider investigating a water filtration system Tampa.

Signs You Should Install Filtration

City water treatment plants often remove most harmful contaminates from tap water, but some areas have minerals in their water, creating hard water. These minerals can affect the taste and smell of drinking water. They can also make your clothes look dingy or dirty after they are washed and may require you to scrub your bathrooms and kitchen more extensively to remove buildup. A water filtration system will remove these contaminants.

Older homes, such as those built before 1986, may have lead pipes, which will leach lead into your drinking water. Therefore, check your home’s age and whether the pipes have been replaced. In addition, if you use well water, your water may be contaminated by pesticides and other chemicals that seep through the soil and into your groundwater and well.

Benefits of Water Filtration

Water filtration has many benefits, including money saved on bottled water and soap. Your skin and digestive health may also be improved because the minerals and parasites are removed. In addition, your plumbing and appliances may experience extended lifespans. Of course, your water will taste and smell clean and pure.

Choosing a Filtration system

Your filtration system should be NSF certified. Also, your water and flow rate should be tested to determine the best filtration system for you. Choose a system that fits into your budget, but choose the highest quality filtration within your budget. For example, a whole house system may cost $1500 to $2000, whereas a refrigerator or pitcher filter may cost $20 to $100. Make sure any filters or parts that will need to be replaced regularly are readily available. Consider the cots of these consumables as well.

If you are concerned about your water quality and safety, consider investing in a water filtration system.