Who Is Likely to Steal Your Identity?

Strangers are not the only people who are likely to steal your identity, believe me. There are many other people you do not suspect that might want to attempt to steal your identity without you even knowing about it. For example, if you are divorced, your former revenge-driven spouse might be the first person who will attempt to steal your identity. The truth is that he or she has been married to you for some time. He or she knows your social security numbers, your passwords, etc. If this person is mad at you, it is only a matter of time before he or she attempts to steal something that is so precious to you: your identity.

Your children as well as your grand children (in case you have them, and who doesn’t have kids or grandkids, right?) might also try to steal your identity for a number of reasons. They too can have an easy access to your secret non-protected information. I am not saying that it happens often, but your family might be the first group of people to attempt to steal your identity simply because they have such an easy access to all your sensitive and unprotected data.