Wood Shake Roofs Are Both Classic and Challenging

Wood shake roofs are popular, and they can be great for lots of homeowners. However, some homeowners might not want to take on some responsibilities associated with having wood shake shingle roofs. 

Roof Maintenance

A lot of people want to avoid having to work hard at maintaining their roofs, which can certainly be time-consuming. They might be able to perform some roof maintenance themselves. However, a lot of other people will need professional roof maintenance through services like https://www.loaconstruction.com/.

The overall roof maintenance costs will often add up relatively quickly over the years. Even when the roofs are fine, people will still have to get them checked when they have wood shake shingle roofs rather than concrete roofs or other roofs that are known for being very low-maintenance.

Scheduling maintenance appointments can be inconvenient during some busier seasons for a lot of roofing professionals. People also might have to make sure that they get their roofs checked after a storm has occurred, which can be a stressful situation. Wood shake shingle roofs are also known for being much less resistant to the elements than a lot of the other modern roofs.

Weather Resistance

People sometimes exaggerate when they discuss the costs of having wood shake shingle roofs, especially when it comes to the weather resistance capabilities of these roofs. It’s possible to make modern wood shake shingle roofs more resistant to fire than they were in the past, because these roofs can now be chemically treated to become more fire-resistant.

However, even a wood shake shingle roof that has had these chemical treatments will not be as fire-resistant as a roof that’s made from naturally less-flammable materials. Few materials are as flammable as wood, and it’s hard to completely get around that. 

The wood material is also less resistant to moisture than other roofing materials. People can still make sure that their wood shake shingle roofs are safe from heavy rains. They can also work to prevent mold and mildew growth. Still, metallic roofs and similar roofs will be naturally immune to these sorts of problems, which is not the case with wood shake shingle roofs. 

Still, it’s also important to remember that wood shake shingle roofs are able to handle wind successfully, so they won’t have issues with all major weather fluctuations or weather conditions. A wood shake shingle roof is still a stable one, even if it has fewer inherent weather resistance capabilities than a lot of the other roofs that people can choose.

Shingle Appearance

There aren’t a lot of materials that are quite like wood shake shingles. Most roofs will never look as natural as the roofs that are made with these shingles. People who want to have homes that have a more historic or traditional appearance may specifically want wood shake shingle roofs. 

A roof made with different materials might not really work with the rest of the house in some cases, depending on its design. Many wood shake shingle roofs have no issues whatsoever. People can have these roofs for years without experiencing any real problems.