Yearly Home Maintenance Plan

Every homeowner knows that the list of maintenance chores is a mile long and never ending. Just when you fix one problem, another pops up. One way to cut down on the list is to take a proactive stance on home upkeep and get ahead of the problems before they rear their ugly (and costly) heads.


During the spring months before it gets too hot, check the valves and filters on your pool and get it nice and clean for swimming season. Call in a plumber and HVAC service Chicago to give these two important systems a once-over and clean out. Check your gutters for fall and winter leaf build-up that might cause problems if your area gets heavy spring rains. This is also a good time to reseed your lawn to fill in those bald patches.


Once the wetter weather comes to an end, you need to water your lawn more frequently, so check your sprinkler system for damage or leaks. Dust off your ceiling fans and then flip the blades counterclockwise to push the air down to help keep your rooms cool. Schedule an exterminator to check your home for termites and to spray for fleas, roaches and mosquitoes.


In the cooling months, shut your sprinkler system down and start loading up on firewood. Cover your pool and check your furnace. Before it gets too cold, check for drafts and caulk doors and windows, as necessary. Repair torn or missing weather stripping. When the country goes back to standard time, change your smoke detector batteries.


Create a winter storm supply kit that includes material to insulate outdoor pipes to keep them from freezing and bursting. Check your generator to make sure you have enough fuel to make it through several days without power. Stock up on water and non-perishable foods. Keep your car gassed up.

Staying one step ahead of household maintenance tasks requires some planning, but it’s worth it in the end. Upkeep is less expensive than repair.