3 Home Maintenance Projects for Any Time of Year

There are some home projects that suit themselves to a particular season. Fall reseeding comes to mind. However, there are some projects that are integral to the proper functioning of your home and that can be done just about any time of year. If you have a spare afternoon and are looking to check something off the “to-do” list, consider tackling one of these basic home maintenance tasks.

1. Check the Dryer Vent

Did you know that clothes dryers are the source of nearly 3,000 home fires each year? What may be worse is that many of them were preventable with a little maintenance. Dryer lint is incredibly flammable, yet many households never stop to think about the hose leading out of the back of the dryer. Cleaning it annually can reduce the risk of fire and will also result in clothes drying faster. Check out these tips on dryer safety from the U.S. Fire Administration for more information.

2. Perform Fireplace Maintenance

If you have a fireplace or stove in the home, you will want to have an annual inspection done. Check the flue for any blockages or damage. If the chimney isn’t capped, go ahead and install once after it has been cleaned. it will keep small animals from venturing in. If you have a wood fireplace, be sure to inspect the lining for any signs of damage. Gas fireplace maintenance Denver is best left to a professional to ensure safety.

3. Clean Faucet Aerators

This is a simple task that can be done quickly. Chances are you won’t even need to visit the toolbox. Simply unscrew the aerators from faucets and clean out the filters. Your water pressure will improve and you’ll reduce contaminants in the water that comes out.

Keeping up with routine maintenance like cleaning vents and filters and maintaining the fireplace helps the systems run more efficiently and can extend their useful life. Take the time to schedule or perform these basic tasks to keep your house running more smoothly.