How To Keep Moisture Away From Your Foundation

When your home’s foundation is strong, so is the rest of the building. Over the course of the years, a foundation can become damaged, and the usual culprit is moisture. Dampness finds its way in through cracks causing dangerous mold, bowed walls and compromising the integrity of the structure. To prevent this from happening, here are three ways to keep moisture as far away from your foundation as possible.

Install a Rain Gutter

One of the most effective ways to keep water away is to install a rain gutter and a downspout. By investing in rain gutters Shoreline, runoff from storms won’t accumulate around the home’s foundation. Instead, it’s diverted along the roof’s edge and through the downspout, which should empty several feet from the house. Always remember to clean out rain gutters every fall and spring to keep them working efficiently.

Create a Gravel Bed

Another option to control water around the foundation is to lay a gravel bed around the perimeter of the building. Moisture drains quickly through the gravel and prevents water from pooling up. This attractive barrier also keeps both weeds and insects away. Whenever possible, the area around your home should slope downhill and away from the foundation.

Leave Room When Landscaping

Everyone loves beautiful landscaping, but when crafting a design for your shrubs and plants, leave some room near the house. You need this space for adequate ventilation so that dampness won’t set in. Using mulch can also help absorb water so that it stays around your plants and away from the house.

Take Action Now

Whether you’ve just purchased a new home or have lived in it for years, inspect your foundation for cracks and evidence of moisture. Taking action now, such as installing rain gutters, putting in a gravel bed or creative landscaping, will keep your basement dry and prevent costly damage.