3 Kinds of Bugs You Should Never Ignore

No matter where you live, you have to deal with bugs. While you might not like bugs of any kind, some are more annoying than they are a danger. However, some bugs can cause problems for your home and your health. Here are three types of bugs that you should never ignore. 

1. Cockroaches

If you see one cockroach, chances are that you have hundreds more hiding in the walls. Cockroaches also carry bacteria that gets on every surface they touch. So, if you touch something the bug has touched, and then you get that bacteria in your mouth, you could get sick. Additionally, if you have problems with your lungs, the cockroach’s fecal matter could be a severe trigger for your issues. 

You might find some small success when putting out traps for the roaches, but you’ll likely need to call an exterminator to get completely rid of them. To discourage the roaches from nesting in your home, keep all of your food in glass or plastic storage containers that the bugs can’t chew through. 

2. Termites

Termites can be hard to find because they tunnel into the walls of your home and eat the wood. You can often tell that you have a problem because you notice that your floors have more give than usual, or you find small tunnels in the ground near the home’s foundation. If you suspect that you have a problem, you’ll want to immediately call a termite exterminator Staten Island to evaluate the situation. The longer you wait to get rid of them, the more damaged wood you’ll have to replace. 

3. Bed Bugs

If you’ve traveled recently, then you want to check your home from bed bugs. They can easily hop into your luggage without you having any idea they are there. Then, they hide until the lights go out, and their bites can range from causing mild skin rashes to horrible allergic reactions. If you see small spots of blood on your sheets in the morning, then you’ll want to have your home treated for bed bugs.