How to Choose Between Asphalt or Concrete

If you own a business, there is a good chance you have a parking lot. Choosing suitable material can make a huge difference in maintenance, upkeep and initial versus long-term costs.

This article will provide some pros and cons of asphalt and concrete. Neither one is necessarily better than the other. See below to make an informed choice for your business.

Benefits of Concrete

  • In warmer environments, concrete is typically a better choice for parking lots. Asphalt absorbs a lot more heat and can lose its hardness in extreme heat. Concrete, on the other hand, is much more heat resistant.
  • Once installed, cement parking lots require very little maintenance. Besides occasional parking lot striping Lexington SC, cleaning and joint sealing, you will not have to worry too much about a concrete parking lot’s upkeep.
  • If you want a unique-looking parking lot, concrete offers more options than asphalt. Cement can be dyed in different colors and textured for visual flair.

Benefits of Asphalt

  • Asphalt is recyclable material, whereas concrete is much more difficult to repurpose. Blacktop also can be made porous, so water passes through into the ground below. For the most part, Cement has to allow water to pass over it, which means you have to plan more for drainage.
  • Blacktop lots are easy to install and usually much cheaper than concrete. If the conditions are right, you can hire professionals to lay down asphalt that is useable in two days. Concrete can take a week or more to be safely used after installation.
  • Though it requires more maintenance than concrete, asphalt is easy to maintain and long-lasting. If you keep up with your parking lot’s replacement, it can last for decades.

Choosing between asphalt and concrete depends on the usage, climate zone and budget for your parking lot. Consult with a professional about the different options available.