3 Reasons to Recycle Your Electronics

Almost all Americans have obsolete electronics laying around. Whether it’s an old cell phone or your laptop from college, you might be wondering how to dispose of these devices properly.

Luckily, there are many recycling services Fort Lauderdale FL that can help you properly dispose of unwanted electronic waste. Keep reading for a few reasons on why you should recycle these products and not throw them in the trash.

1. Electronics Contain Valuable Materials.

Did you know that cell phones, laptops and other devices are made from a variety of valuable materials, including glass, precious metals and plastic? Properly recycling these devices ensures that some materials can be used again in future products. According to the EPA, recycling a million unwanted laptops is the equivalent of powering the electric to 3,500 houses.

2. Electronic Waste Is Becoming One of the Fastest Growing Culprits of Waste.

According to the EPA, electronic waste is quickly becoming a huge waste problem for the world. Unfortunately, only 25% of electronics are properly recycled. To keep our planet clean, it’s imperative that more people recycle their unwanted electronics. When left to sit in a landfill, phones and computers often release hazardous materials into the ground.

3. Your Data Can Be Compromised if Not Recycled Properly.

Cyber security is also becoming a huge problem worldwide. You’ve probably heard that data and identity theft is on the rise. You don’t want to send your laptop to the landfill unwiped where your data can be potentially recovered and stolen by hackers. Properly recycling your devices ensures they are wiped clean and your data won’t be stolen and used without your knowledge.

If you need to dispose of unwanted electronics, contacting your local recycling center is a great place to start. To protect your data and the environment, it’s imperative to recycle the electronics you no longer want or need.