3 Tips To Sell Your Land Quickly

If you’ve inherited farmland but don’t work in that industry, it can feel like a financial weight rather than a gift; or perhaps you bought twenty acres and want to keep only five. Either way, you’re looking to sell some land. There are some things you have to do first to make it appealing to buyers.

Stake It Out

You should get your land surveyed so you’re clear on where property lines are. Get the soil quality evaluated, and be upfront with hazards. Learn about school districts, zoning regulations, internet service providers and other local utilities. All of this can help you figure out which demographics your land appeals to and inform how you advertise it.

Clean It Up

Developed land that’s ready to be built upon can fetch more than fields of hay or wild growth, but you may not have the time or money to fix it up. If you still want to appeal to that market of builders, you should at least look into land clearing Montgomery AL or your immediate area. Clearing away the brush makes it easier for buyers to see the potential in your land and gives them an idea of what they’re working with.

Mark It Down

Is it in your best interest to hold out for a higher payday, or are the obligations and property taxes associated with the land a burden that you don’t want to deal with? Will it cost you to wait for a high-rolling buyer? Another factor to consider when setting your price is what similar properties in your area have sold for, as well as greater economic trends. People might look at the price tag and think “In this economy? No thank you.”

Even if you can’t wait to get away, there is someone who looks at your land and loves it. Know when to settle but also know its worth, and don’t undercut it if it harms you.